Dyane SmartKanban Smart mailboxes with RFID technology

Dyane SmartKanban is the solution for the materials management at the point of consumption. The combination of RFID technology and information technologies optimises replenishment, addressing current needs and future trends.

The main areas of application are hospital ward storerooms and primary health care centres, where logistics and order management tasks are carried out manually and overstocking and stock-outs are frequent. This solution can be used by independent hospitals or hospital groups supplied by logistics operators.

The system's management, monitoring and reports are executed by DYANE. Our logistical management software for hospital wards is responsible for access control, consumption records, automatic replenishment orders and providing reports that allow for real-time data analysis, and therefore, effective decision-making.


Material always

  • Allows stock agreements to be adapted to real consumption.
  • Reduced risk of overstocks and stock-outs.
  • Facilitates replenishment through the identification of vacancies.
  • Warnings and alerts (stock that does not move, missing stock, etc.).
  • Allows stock of medical material and medicines to be managed with a single device.
  • Information on needs in real time.

Reduces administrative workload of healthcare and logistics personnel

  • Automated process with minimum personnel involvement (eliminates data capture and manual recounts).
  • Simple and easy to use. No need to press buttons or manually scan barcodes.
  • Guaranteed availability of consumables as required.
  • Programmed replenishment.
  • Frees up healthcare and logistics personnel time thereby improving quality of care.

Automation of replenishment orders

  • Centralised management of multiple hospitals and warehouses.
  • Catalogue of items integrated with the hospital HIS.
  • Supply calendars for automatic order generation.
  • Optimisation of storage space.
  • Updated and reliable information for decision-making.
  • Error-free order placement due to RFID tag reading.

Cost savings

  • Reduction of costs due to stock turnover and elimination of obsolete material.
  • Reduction of fixed assets on ward.
  • Increased productivity in purchasing, supply, planning and monitoring, increased stock rotation.


Stock partially exhausted




Empty compartment. White card extracted


3. Order generated


Automatic transfer of information to storeroom.

Automatic generation of orders based on quantities predefined per article


Order prepared


Storeroom replenishes the products,

repositioning them according to the FIFO system and replaces cards in the baskets

Stock totally exhausted

If the stock is exhausted before the established
replenishment dates, an urgent replenishment order is launched




Empty compartment. Orange card extracted


Urgent order generated

Cycle restart

Warehouse replaces the products and places the cards in the baskets, starting a new cycle from the beginning

Main features

Based on RFID technology, this system manages the consumption of perishables in hospital ward storerooms. It offers error-free management, reduces the time spent by healthcare staff on administrative tasks and optimises stock levels.

This solution is based on the use of RFID tags located in the baskets of the modular shelves of the warehouses of plant managed under the Kanban principle. It uses RFID tags on the modular shelving for everyday use. It uses a double compartment system to indicate the need to replenish materials and the urgency of replacement according to their location in the first (white card/normal order) or second (orange card/urgent order) compartments, respectively.

The system encompasses:

  • the cycle from the initial product replenishment,
  • information on minimum stock level finalisation,
  • and the launch of replenishment orders.

This system consists of shelving for storage, RFID mailboxes (BK200 Plus), an RFID tag printer, a data server and the Dyane software incorporated into the hospital HIS.

BK200 Plus mailbox

Equipment for 100% reliable readings, able to handle requests with 200 product references. Secure access is ensured with a lock and security system automatically opens to prevent the insertion of non-functional cards, as well as status indicators with LED lights.

Our equipment has the following certificates:

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