Dyane SmartCabinet Smart cabinets with RFID technology

Dyane SmartCabinet is a smart restricted-access solution based on RFID technology for managing high-cost material and/or materials with high patient traceability requirements.

Its main areas of application within the hospital are the services where the high cost of the products and their traceability requirements make it imperative to optimise inventory levels and ensure efficient management of these at the points of consumption.

The system's management, monitoring and reports are executed by DYANE. Our logistical management software for hospital wards is responsible for access control, consumption records, automatic replenishment orders and providing reports that allow for real-time data analysis, and therefore, effective decision-making.



  • Cost allocation by patient or operation with batch/series traceability.
  • Product traceability from its receipt at hospital to its registration in surgical procedures.
  • Real-time information on all product movement.

Improved patient safety

  • The right product available at the right time.
  • Rapid reaction in the event of healthcare product alerts.
  • Eliminates use of expired products.

Return of Investment – ROI

  • Reduced material loss and controlled access to high-cost materials.
  • Minimised expired product costs.
  • Reduced inventory costs.

Improved inventory management

  • Storage organisation and space optimisation.
  • Inventory levels adapted to real consumption.
  • Time spent on inventory and monitoring expiry dates minimised.
  • Errors due to manual inventory and consumption record management eliminated.

Information use

  • Availability of essential information for strategic decision-making.
  • Availability of accurate information in real time on the use of high-cost products.
  • Easy access to information through management reports.
  • Supplier's inventory reports accessible via website.

Improvements for healthcare personnel

  • Maximum usability for nursing staff.
  • Increased time available to nursing staff for patient care.
  • Precise data capture without need for manual records.
  • Automatic replenishment orders.
  • Elimination of low added-value steps within processes.




High-cost articles





Main features

This is the complete solution for high-value asset logistics. It is based on RFID technology for the management of high-cost consumables and materials with high traceability requirements within hospitals. The system encompasses:

  • product labelling, storage, safe-keeping and monitoring,
  • product assignment to user, patient and/or operation,
  • the traceability of all processes.

Access to the contents of the cabinet is restricted and both the replenishment and extraction of units are automatically recorded.

This system consists of a cabinet with built-in RFID antennae and a touch screen, a barcode reader, an RFID tag printer, a data server and the Dyane software incorporated into the hospital HIS.

Our equipment has the following certificates:


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